The management of Golfview Hotel in Ikeja GRA, Lagos on Monday unveiled a $20, 000 worth of an ultra-modern electronic car park for its teeming customers.

The car park estimated to have gulped about N8million was officially unveiled in the presence of the media, customers and other stakeholders by Mr Clement Adekunle Olowokande amidst pomp and pageantry.

Addressing the audience while commissioning the car park project, Mr Olowokande said that the project was worthy of emulation just as he commended the chairman of Golfview, Mr Gbenga Olowo for setting up such a project for effective customer delivery.

Olowokande said “We are commissioning this car park today. It will not be a day of sorrow but a day of remembering good things”.

Speaking after the commissioning, Chairman of Golfview Hotel, Elder Gbenga Olowo said that the car park project comes with a cost of about $20,000. According to him, the project was initiated three years ago with a Chinese Company-Lei Meng which installed the complete electronic car park just in 15 days. The purpose according to Olowo was to maximise space with technology and also as a way of satisfying their customers’ needs.

“This has come at a cost of about $20,000. This is three years ago. If it’s today, it’s gonna be something else. That time, I think Dollar was about N119. And of course you can see the space used. Ordinarily, it would take only 7 cars but now it can take 25 cars. There are height restrictions in this area. Otherwise we could go to any height. At this area, you cannot go more than 4th floor. The challenge for Lagos State is that land is getting so expensive; then we have to go vertically, we have to go to the air. That is what Lagos State Government should look into, they should consider the ability to go vertically because 300,000, 500,000 square meters Ikeja, GRA, cannot be used for that kind of course for car park. So the best way is to go vertically and that is what we have demonstrated here”.

On the management, Olowo who is also the President/Chief Executive of Sabre Network West Africa and current President of the Aviation Round Table said “The technology is so simple. It is not even hydraulic; it is cable and the machine operates it normally. Cable takes the car up and once it is

there; it hangs the car. There are 4 corners where the car is being suspended. It could be there as long as possible. Maintenance is next to nothing. It is just cable and all the motors can roll the cable. Most of the parts are here in Nigeria”

“Car park is a real challenge; so this is an additional plus to Golfview hotels. It is of zero cost to customers. There is zero maintenance for this car park. And we already have Nigerians trained to oversee it. The only challenge might be the motor that rolls the wire. If the parts are not here, we purchase the order”

Analysing the technology, the Chinese technician behind the car park, Engr Lee who spoke through his associate, Oliver Luo said that it is a very simple technology to handle.

“This one is manufactured in China and we know all the technology. So it is not a big deal for us. It is friendly and everybody can run and maintain it”, Luo said.

Luo also added that they have installed such electronic car parks in places like North America, South America, Europe, adding that “this one is very common in China and it is good because land is precious. It can be used in places like shopping malls, hotels and other public places.”

Photo shows: L-R: Mr Clement Adekunle Olowokande, Chairman of Golfview Hotel, Elder Gbenga Olowo, his wife, Mrs Stella Olowo and Pastor Bode Adegoke at the commissioning of the multi-million Naira ultra-modern electronic car park at Golfview Hotel in Lagos on Monday.


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