The grandmasters of data, Globacom, has introduced a new product which ensures that its over 30 million subscribers can have uninterrupted Internet connectivity at all time.

The new product named ‘Borrow me Data’, ensures that subscribers on the Glo network have access to borrow up to 2GB data at any time and pay for same later when they recharge their phones.

The beauty of the product is that no subscriber who activates the facility will be out of data at any time as they can borrow data and pay at a much later date, when they recharge their phones.

Announcing the new product in Lagos recently, Globacom’s Head of Usage and Retention, Mr. Sola Arowogbadamu, said the Borrow Me Data product was introduced by the company to support the growing online activities through which most business transactions, academic activities, financial deals, and personal transactions are now conducted, by ensuring that the subscribers are not cut off from the net as a result of lack of data.

Arowogbadamu explained that the heavy reliance on the internet for most of these activities meant that subscribers would always be in need of uninterrupted connectivity, adding that this was why the company has moved to make data available for subscribers at all times.

This he added would help to promote business development by ensuring that subscribers stayed connected online 24/7 without the fear of being disconnected when they exhaust their data subscriptions.


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