Odu’a Investment Company Limited has absolved foremost roofing sheet manufacturer, Nigerite in the allegation of importing contraband into the country.

This is even as the company called on the law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the matter with a view of apprehending the culprits and bringing them to justice.

In a statement by Odu’a Investment Company Limited recently, the conglomerate described the incident as unfortunate and an attempt to tarnish the hard earned reputation of the building solutions manufacturing company.

Vouching for Nigerite as a company that would not engage in importation of any illegal or contraband goods, Odu’a said it has been associated with the company for over 50 years and it can unequivocally state that the action of importing illegal items is completely inconsistent with the character of the building solutions manufacturing giant.

Odu’a, who is a significant shareholder in Nigerite, posited that the building solutions provider is a compliant and respected company that has been operating in Nigeria since 1959 and during this period, has complied strictly with Nigerian laws and regulations.

Odu’a further stated that Nigerite, which has done and is still doing legitimate business in the construction and manufacturing sectors of the Nigerian economy with annual volume worth several billions of Naira, offer jobs and business opportunities to many Nigerians and its operations also span to other parts of West Africa.

We believe in Odu’a that it is illogical to say that the same company which is doing so well in its legitimate business will also engage in such act and tarnish its well-earned reputation as a leading company in the building and construction sector of the Nigerian economy.

While expressing confidence that Nigerite would be exonerated, the company called on the law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the matter with a view to apprehending the culprits and bring them to justice.


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