The Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) on Wednesday said that the body was not responsible for the stoppage of the Credited Advance Payment for Metering Implementation (CAPMI).

Mr Sunday Oduntan, the Executive Director, Research and Advocacy, ANED, disclosed this to the media while reacting to the continuous blaming of the DisCos for the stoppage of the scheme.

The CAPMI scheme gives interested customers the option to pay money to the DisCos in advance, to get the prepaid meters and to recover the money back with interest.

ANED is the umbrella body of all the 11 Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) in Nigeria.

According to Oduntan, the scheme was stopped by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

He said the DisCos were willing to use the scheme to install more meters, apart from the normal DisCo meter roll outs but the stoppage had incapacitated them from doing so.

“Help us to beg the NERC to return CAPMI because we are not against the scheme.

“We are now metering our consumers through our own meter roll-out scheme, but the CAPMI scheme is an additional option for those who are yet to be metered.

“If they did not stop the scheme, more consumers would have been metered by now and the issue of estimated billing would have been reduced.

“Presently, we do not have the resources to meter all our consumers within a year and that is why the clamour for meter installation has increased.

“The NERC should be asked why they stopped the option for our customers to be metered on the CASMI platform,” he said.

Oduntan alleged that the NERC stopped the scheme to blackmail the DisCos.

He said that if any DisCo was not complying with the laid-down rules guiding the scheme, the regulator should have penalised such DisCos, instead of stopping the scheme.

Oduntan, however, appealed to consumers to prevail on the NERC to as a matter of urgency lift the ban on the scheme.


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