Kehinde Adekunjo , the Chairman/ Managing Director of Mcklair agency, recently opened an  advertising firm  in the city of Abeokuta, the Ogun state Capital after he  relocated  from Lagos where he had successfully  worked as a PR and  advertising practitioner.

The soft spoken and brilliant Mcklair agency owner disclosed the rationale behind his decision to establish first ever professional advertising agency in the city that is known as the cradle of journalism. Excerpts;


I started my primary education in Lagos, Land primary school, Oshodi from there I proceeded to Ilupeju Grammer School, Oshodi. After a while I was with an advertising agency, outdoor precisely.

Later,  I decided  to study mass communication which takes me to Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta where I bagged  HND.I have  gotten some experience in the area of writing in print journalism ,I have reported  for Awori news and some specialised magazines. Thereafter, I felt I should go back to what I have passion for, which is advertising. I started advertising with Prime contact communications limited, it’s an outdoor advertising agency, I later moved to The Brief media limited. By the grace of God, I am an APCON certified practitioner, also NIPR certified practitioner.

Can you give us a brief insight into your advertising agency?

The advertising agency is called Mcklair consult limited; the consult is an agency that wants to bring holistic approach to marketing communication   industry in Nigeria. We are here to fill in the gap that is empty here in Ogun state.

Communication started here in Abeokuta, that was Iwe- Irohin to be precised, Mass Communication as a course started in  Moshood Abiola polytechnic, being one of the pioneer schools  of communication. The institution has produced a lot of communicators, but, no single agency can stand its feet as an advertising agency in Abeokuta. With that we felt is high time we brought something to Abeokuta from our experience.

The outlook of Mcklair consult is to provide a comprehensive 360degree communication services that will cover Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing and audio  visual production because we felt Abeokuta is a green land for communication and it is dominated by freelancers( independent producers) that are not registered and not professional too.

Mcklair consult is comprehensive media consulting firm not limited to advertising alone, it could be called an integrated marketing consultancy agency.

What informed the choice of this location, I mean Ogun state?

I and my team saw Abeokuta as an emerging  market, in a matter of time Abeokuta will  grow  up in terms of economy buoyancy, because,  Lagos is over full and most of the industries are moving  to this state to settle to accommodate large investment. When we carried out our survey we learnt that most of the land in Abeokuta has been acquired for industries, so we now felt we should come now because by the time the agency is building up, there would be need for an agency that would be there to service them in terms of publicity, branding and any other communication that may come up.

What do you intend to bring into the advertising atmosphere of the state?

Most of the things happening in Ogun state today are things in Lagos state, people brings in advert from Lagos state to place in Abeokuta. Even agencies in Abeokuta are not popular like those that are in Lagos state. What we are bringing in is new ideas that are being used in Lagos. We want to publicise a low budget campaign that would help to boost the economy of the state. Because, some think advertising is very expensive, but, for us, we want our clients  to know that we are ready to go by whatever budget they have and we are ready to maximize whatever budget as small as it is, such that medium scale in Abeokuta will not run away from advertising.

Looking at Ogun state, what do you think has been going wrong in the advertising world in the state and how do you intend to correct them?

Advertising agency in Abeokuta is unprofessional, it is funny we don’t have any competitor , although there are some, I don’t even know what they call themselves, they call themselves media consultant and honestly that is  what I have been seeing in Abeokuta, but the way they have been handling things, we want to bring in professional touches to the way things are being done in the state , we want to bring in more creative, creativity that will build the image of the manufacturers in the state, to build brands, typically the Ogun state  brand. What we believe is lacking is image management, image promotion and what we believe is lacking in Abeokuta is awareness, there are many practitioners but they are not professional. But we want to bring more professional approach to branding, to identity creation.

As an advertising agency what is your Unique Selling Point?

Our USP is low budget, we can work with whatever budget you provide, we want people to see advertising as not too expensive. That is the uniqueness we are bringing in from what we learnt in Lagos, because people see advertising to be very expensive, that is why some people run away from it and we also want to make people to be media friendly, we want to bridge the gap between the people and the media, manufacturers and the media in the state. We want them to see media as their friend, the media is not an enemy   to any brand, personality, institution, we want to marry the institution, personality and brand together with the media.

In the actual sense Sir, Why should people advertise?

People should advertise because “if a snail does not leave its shell, you won’t know something is inside”. We want people to reach the mass market. If you are producing to 50 persons, you don’t need advertising, we want people to make more profit, hence, if you are producing for 1,000 people you need advertising, because we want people to take away products from their shelves to the market, you want people to take away products from their backyards, you know there are some manufacturers in Abeokuta that produce at the back of their houses, we want people to have factories. If you are producing for mass market you should be able to advertise. We want people to make more profit, we want people to advertise because they must make noise about themselves, you don’t sell what you don’t have, but what you have, let people know, make noise about it, make more profit and that is the basic need for  advertisement . Add more to your profit, production, consumers’ base, distribution network. We want the state products to be seen in Lagos, Maiduguri and across the globe.

What do people stand to gain by advertising their products?

They will benefit awareness, they will make more profit, because no manufacturer will spend money without making more money, entrepreneurship is to make more profit, when they patronise us, people will employ more workers, because by the time you are doing mass production you need more hands, so, it will create more employment by the time people patronise us.

What is your message to Ogun people?

My message to Ogun people is to believe in the state, Ogun indigenes and Lagosians should be ready to come down and see what they can do to feast into the strategic geographical location of the state closeness to Lagos. If I am doing business today it is a matter of one hour to Lagos, but it is difficult to drive around Lagos but, easy to drive within Abeokuta, so people should see that as an advantage, we have tested both states, I have worked in Lagos for many years and I have seen both. People should believe in the state and they should contribute earnestly to the enjoyment and development of the state without running to another person’s land.


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