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In a bid to capture more people in the tax net and boost its revenue, the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) is reportedly planning to start using Biometric Verification Numbers (BVN) to taxpayers. The move has attracted wide-spread criticisms.
According to a report released by Andersen Tax LP, the LIRS has constantly been consideringways to increase taxpayers’ database to boost revenue, with the most recent effort which is to leverage on taxpayers BVN.
Recall that LIRS recently issued a Public Notice on June 4th, 2019, informing the public of its intention to integrate the existing Taxpayers Identification Digit (PID) into the nationwide Tax Identification Number (TIN) system with the Joint Tax Board. Note that the PID is a taxpayer’s identity code issued by the LIRS to taxpayers in Lagos State.
Meanwhile, in order to integrate the PID into TIN, the LIRS intends to leverage on taxpayers’ BVN.
As a result of this, corporate organizations will ensure their employees provide their BVNs for processing of their Tax Clearance Certificates (TCCs)
Also, self-employed persons will be required to provide their BVN to the LIRS for the creation of their unique identification number.
Following this development, concerns have been expressed in different quarters that the BVN information is very sensitive and private, and as such, may require a court order or CBN approval before such information can be released to the LIRS. It also begs the question of why the LIRS is moving to make BVN a requisite parameter for tax registration and compliance.

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