The latest book of Nj Ayuk and already #1 best-seller on Amazon “Billions At Play” will be officially launched on November 6th in Cape Town.

The book has made headlines in recent weeks for achieving #1 best-seller status in several categories while being on pre-order. These include Oil & Energy, Natural Resources and African Politics.

Following its release on October 22nd, the book will be officially launched in the presence of several African oil ministers, industry executives and the media during a grand ceremony on November 6th in Cape Town.

In “Billions At Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals”, the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber and CEO of the Centurion Law Group offers a comprehensive road map for Africa to do a better job at using its vast natural resources to fuel economic growth and improve the lives of hundreds of millions of Africans.

As one of Africa’s most experienced energy negotiator and lawyer, Nj Ayuk shows how African governments and companies can make better deals and negotiate a better future for the continent. From highlighting the potential of natural gas for propelling the continent to greater heights to lamenting the lack of women inclusion across the energy sector, Nj Ayuk gives a candid and encouraging analysis of what the continent can achieve by getting energy right.

The book’s critical solutions to key issues such as investment deals negotiations, electricity shortage or technology have earned it the support and praise of several leading industry executives from North America, Europe and Africa.


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