The Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO) has said it is set to sell series of made-in-Nigeria technology equipment designed for food processing in the country.

Dr. Dele Oyeku, the Director of Extension and Linkage, FIIRO, made this known at the unveiling of these technologies at the Small and Medium Enterprise Group (SMEG) Annual Symposium, adding that the innovations will use technology to promote agriculture in the country.

Oyeku said “the Institute has developed over 250 technologies since inception, but 50 of them have been completely packaged ready for commercialization and investment at micro, small and medium scales.”

The FIIRO Director, who was represented by Mr. Ogundeji Razaque Kayode, Deputy Director, Techno Entrepreneurship at FIIRO, said that there are “techno-investment opportunities and services available at FIIRO for the micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.”

Oyeku revealed that as part of its original mandate, FIIRO is saddled with the responsibility to develop indigenous processing techniques into the use of modern technology in the area of food, agro-allied products and in various non-food uses,

He added that FIIRO is also mandated to identify and develop appropriate technologies and assist in their transfer and adaptation of utilization by local enterprises.

He listed the FIIRO Made-in-Nigeria machines that were developed by the research agency for food processing in the country to include: Cassava Peeler machine used for peeling cassava; starch extractor that can be used to extract starch out from cassava roots; garri fryer used to fry the cassava flakes (garri) to be ready for use; flour mixer machine used in mixing flour in baking bread and other products made from flour; baking oven used to bake bread, cakes and many other recipes; yam slicer and yam parboiler are used for slicing yam tubers and parboiling yam used to make Pounded Yam; cowpea dehuller used to de-hull Cowpea to remove the outer coverings, separates the shaft from the cotyledon by a stream of air; pineapple crusher used in extracting fresh juice from Pineapple fruits.

The other FIIRO equipment include: juice extractors for extracting juice from fresh fruits; Juice filling machine; the rectifier used for electroplating- uses electric current to reduce dissolved metal cartons so that they form a coherent metal coating on an electrode; pasteurizer is a device that treats food products to kill disease-causing organisms; motorized plantain slicer used to slice Plantain when making Plantain chips; hammer mill (wet) used for grinding wet grains which can be used to make kunu, or pap, a local drink in Nigeria; hammer mill (dry) used for grinding dry grains used to make Tuwo, a popular food in Nigeria; Fufu Pulper-the cassava fermented using a Fermentor machine, and later pulped with the Fufu Pulper to remove fibre; Cosmetics production line used during the process of making body cosmetics, like body lotion; Cashew Roaster machine is used to roast the Cashew nut, which will enable an easy way to get the kernel out; Cashew Nut Cracker is used to separate the kernel and shell; Cabinet Dryer is where the kernels are cooled and dried; Beniseed Oil Expeller machine is used to extract oil from vegetables such as Groundnut, Beniseed, Melon and also loaded into an oil expeller for oil extraction; Adhesive Reactor used to break down the intermolecular bonds of starch molecules in cassava-based adhesive in the presence of water and heat.

According to FIIRO, the estimated cost of machinery and equipment depends on the capacity of the equipment which could vary according to the task capacity per day.


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