The Commissioner for energy and Mineral Resources, Lagos State, Olawale Oluwo, has said that a power theft bill is being prepared, with the involvement of the electricity distribution companies (DisCos), to curb power theft and ensure easy prosecution of offenders.

The commissioner who revealed this at the weekend added that the bill would empower the state to set up a power task force, which would monitor power in Lagos, arrest offenders, and ensure prosecution, with the aid of mobile courts.
“Soon, people will go to jail for power theft,” he said.
One of the major problems with power generation in Nigeria is theft.
Distribution companies have been complaining about how Nigerians bypassing meters and using power without payment.
However, the Discos do not have the constitutional right to prosecute power theft.
He unveiled more features of the state’s power plan.
According to Oluwo, Lagos has installed 36,000 street lights since the new administration came on board, revealing that there are still 10,000 street lights to go.
Street lights are “improving night-time economic activities, night-time illumination, and night-time security across the state,” Oluwo said.
He also said Lagos would soon go off the national grid.
“With a population of less than 30 million, Egypt generates 35,000MW, while South Africa generates about 50,000MW for a population of 50 million. In comparison, Nigeria generates about 4,000MW for a population of over 170 million,” Oluwo said.
He said the demand for power in Lagos state is up to 5,000MW, which Nigeria  itself cannot produce at this time.


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