President of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, has commended Nigerians for their resilience and doggedness even in the facing of the prevailing economic challenges saying they have made sacrifices that would soon see nation out of the woods.
Addressing in Lagos, a group of small and medium enterprises operators who met with him in Lagos during the festive period, Dangote said that Nigerians have demonstrated the capacity to face challenges, be undaunted and tackle them headlong.
According to him, some countries have been thrown into upheaval at the slightest economic downturn rather than joining hands together to solve the economic problems.
He explained that what Nigeria is going through though painful but at the end of the day would make the nation a better self-reliant economic powerhouse.
He urged the people to continue to join hands with the government in finding a lasting solution to the problems, saying Nigeria will be better it. He added that most countries in the world which have attained economic buoyancy have at one time in their history faced economic hardship.
“Thank God in our own situation, we know the problem lies and such we only need to muster the courage to apply the solution. Nigeria needs to look inward and produce what we consume as opposed to incessant importation which takes away our forex.
“This is one of the fundamental problems of our country, we import just anything and the reality is dawn on us now that we have to change this habit, this is why the federal government has been emphasising the need to go back to agriculture and total manufacturing so that we also can produce what we need and even export rather than import, Dangote stated.
Dangote said not until Nigeria becomes a producing nation and reduce import, her economy would continue to grope in the dark noting that his company would continue to take the lead in any sector that requires the nation to look inward.
He said Nigeria has no business with the importation of some products, the production of which, the nation has abundant raw materials to produce. He gave an example of milk lamented that 80 per cent of milk consumed in Nigeria is imported, a situation he described as unacceptable, given that the nation has all it takes to produce milk locally and even feed other countries.
Dangote, therefore, promised that he would be venturing into diary production to reverse the trend saying Nigeria can produce the amount of milk needed for her citizenry.
He, therefore, urged the people to continue to be patient and cooperate with the government at all levels while all hands are on deck to bring Nigeria back to a path of sufficiency and economic buoyancy.
It would be recalled that the business mogul had indicated that his new $12 billion three in one project, the refinery, petrochemical and fertilizer plants currently under construction would create a minimum of 235,000 new jobs, both direct and indirect jobs, as it becomes operational in the first quarter of 2019.
Dangote is optimistic that there will be a market for the refined products because even in Africa, only three countries have effective functioning refinery with others importing from abroad.


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