The managing director of Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited, SAHCOL has disclosed that the company may lose about N80 million due to the planned closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja by the federal government for six weeks.

Mr. Kadri said the amount the handling company was going to lose could be more as that was the amount the company makes on monthly bases at the airport.

Kadri noted that company could incur additional losses transporting the company’s staff and equipment to Kaduna airport

He said the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) will be notified so as to compensate the company for their losses.

According to him: ”I am happy for what the government is doing; it is well overdue, it is very important for safety, so I think that the government is taking a right step in the right direction to get this runway repaired
For us, we are still hanging in a balance, we are definitely going to lose a lot of revenue because if the airlines don’t fly into Abuja, that is our present burden, so if we make about 70, 80m in Abuja in a month we will lost that, who is going to give it to us”

He said: “Now, we have to move our equipment to Kaduna airport, we have to spend money to transport staff, give them extra allowances, so that is a huge burden on us, we are even looking at how many flights that will be coming into Kaduna, how much manpower do we require there and how much equipment that we have to ship and we will definitely put a request to FAAN and they should consider giving us something in return for the revenue losses that we are going to have.”

On the challenges faced by the organisation in 2016, the SAHCOL boss explained that many importers refused to import due to the unavailability of dollars which they could use to transact their businesses, noting that the end result was drop on the importation of cargoes from abroad.

He stated that “2016 was a very challenging year; definitely a lot of achievements that could have been achieved were a bit slow. It could have been worse than this but we thank God that we have managed to keep afloat.”


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