survey has revealed that Nigerians are dissatisfied with their economic situation, irrespective of economic index recording slight increase of 1.3 points in first quarter 2017.

A report which covers first quarter 2017 , released by NO1 Polls released recently and made available to Daily Times Nigeria, showed that, Economic Index for the period experienced slight rise by 1.3-point to 38.9-points.

Irrespective of the increase, the figure further depicts a complete dissatisfaction in Nigerians of their economic situation. This index has been the lowest ranked since 2016, the report explained.

The report which reveals that Nigeria’s economy is gradually on recovery path, showed that personal wellbeing index grew marginally by 0.9 per cent in first quarter of the year.

The NO1POLLS Q1 2017 trend analysis revealed that all the indicators that constitute the Personal wellbeing index (PWBI) experienced an increase in Q1, 2017 except the Social Interaction index which slightly decreased by 0.4-point.

The data trend also indicated Religion as the index which experienced the greatest increase with 1.7-point in Q1, 2017.

Furthermore, a comparison of the quarter-on-quarter analysis results between Q1, 2016 and Q1, 2017 showed that the NOIPolls PWBI was highest in Q1, 2017 at 65.3-points as opposed to the 64.5 points of Q1, 2016.

The NOIPolls Personal Well-Being Index, which contains seven items of satisfaction each one specific to the different aspects of life, recorded a slight increase of 0.9-point to stand at 65.3-points from 64.4-points in Q4 2016.

This rise represents a slight increase in the level of satisfaction of Nigerians on their Personal Well-Being in the current quarter. Social interaction index declined by 0.4-point from Q4, 2016’s 79.5 to stand at 79.1-points in Q1, 2017.

Though 6 out of the 7 indicators experienced an increase in Q1, 2017, the Health index had the highest increase of 1.7-point whereas the Social Interaction index is the only indicator that experienced a decline of 0.4-point in Q1, 2017, the report revealed.

The Personal Standard of Living Index being experienced a slight increase of 0.9-point in Q1, 2017 from 49.6-points in Q4, 2016 to stand at 50.5-points. This indicates a slight increase in the satisfaction of Nigerians with their current standard of living.

The report showed that the Personal Health index increased slightly by 1.7 points to stand at 78.1. This shows that Nigerians are highly satisfied with their Personal Health in Q1 2017, also revealing more earning opportunities in the sector.

Although, the Personal Achievement Index went up slightly from the previous quarter’s 53.3 points to 53.7 by 0.4 points in first quarter 2017, the NO1 poll results show that Nigerians are neutral neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with their personal achievement.

On Personal Security Index, even with an increase of 0.3-point from 68-points in Q4, 2016 to 68.3-point in Q1, 2017, the Personal Security Index result reveals that Nigerians are only slightly satisfied with their personal security.

The report showed that Social Interaction Index, though experienced a decrease of 0.4-point from Q4, 2016’s 79.5 to stand at 79.1-points in Q1, 2017, this index still remains very high. This implies that Nigerians are quite satisfied with their social interactions despite their economic situation.


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