The first executive governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande, has challenged Nigerian youths to be actively involved in politics in Nigeria.
Alhaji Jakande made this call to the youths on the occasion of the official visit of a group of Nigerian youths under the aegis of ‘Buhari Oshibajo South West Support Group’ to him in his residence at Ilupeju Lagos recently.
‘’Nigerian youths have come of age and they have a duty to be involved actively in politics because the future belongs to them. I sincerely look up to Nigerian youths to be politically active and I am prepared to support them in whatever way they may need me’’, Alhaji Jakande said.
He also expressed his support to the Buhari/Oshinbajo Administration in its fight against corruption and corrupt Nigerians.
‘’I must commend this administration on its effort so far in fighting and checkmating corruption. I do not support corruption in office. It is condemnable, unjust and totally evil.
Every government at all levels and Nigerians, especially the youths, should join in the fight against corruption. I am opposed to it and any government thatfights corruption will always have my support’’, Jakande said.
He added that this Administration has an ‘inescapable duty to fight corruption so as to continue to earn the respect of all Nigerians. Let us be united in our fight against corruption and let the people be served to the best of our ability. Every Nigerian deserves to be served and we must make Nigeria a country where love and service prevail. As for me, I will always support this administration and it will always have my support in waging war against corruption’.
The Leader of the visiting Buhari Oshinbajo South West Support Group (BOSWSG), Temilade Okesanjo, added while addressing newsmen on the occasion that Buhari administration has done tremendous work in the last four years with many of such work aimed at redefining the future for the youths in Nigeria.
‘’We realize that tremendous work has been done by this administration with many of its programmes aimed at redefining the future for the Nigerian youths. Our group has conducted detailed research into the achievements of this administration especially as it concerns the youths and we are convinced that Buahri/Oshinbajo administration need be supported by the youths. Our group is simply a support group that is out to tell the youths what this administration has done for them and the need to stand for the administration and also get actively involved in politics so as to participate in reshaping the fortunes of our great nation’’, Okesanjo said.
Okesanjo added that her support group was never in doubt that if all the Nigerian youths would come together to support the Buhari/Oshinbajo administration for another term on the saddle, Nigeria would witness another four years of consistent anti-corruption fight, job creation and youths empowerment.
Okesanjo described as laudable and commendable Buhari administration’s National Social Investment Programmes, N-Power schemes, ICT development projects, and many other youth-oriented programmes. She said BOSWSG was an organization she established to project the achievements of the Buhari Administration to the youths especially.

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