The Deputy Managing Director of the United Bank for Africa Plc, Liadi Ayoku, has purchased 3.22 million shares of the firm worth N27.37 million in one day.

According investigations, the transaction occurred in five tranches with an average of N8.5 and an aggregate volume of 3,220,000 units.

The transaction occurred, on 6 January 2021 at the Nigerian Stock Exchange platform Lagos.

Transaction as it occurred:

First tranche involved 817,231 units of the company’s shares purchased at N8.60, totalling N7, 028,186.6

The second tranche was 1294, 498 units of shares at N8.50 which equals N11, 003,233

Third tranche was 185,052 units of shares at N 8.55 totalling N1, 582, 1946

Fourth tranche involved the purchase of 900,974 units at N8.40 grossing 7,568,181.6

The fifth tranche was 22,245 units at N8.45, totalling N187,970.3

Total of 27,370,000 was spent in the purchase of an aggregate of 3.22 million shares of the company at the average price of N8.50 per unit

On 15th July 2020, Mr Ayoku Laidi had earlier spent N18.15 million acquiring an additional 3 million shares of the firm at N6.05 per share.


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