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Dozilla.com.ng is one of the most credible sources of business news dissemination in Nigeria.
Our vision is to create a conducive, just and equitable business environment through our prompt, accurate and unbiased reporting of events as they unfold.

As a member of the nascent league of online publications in Nigeria, we pride ourselves in being refreshingly different from the rest, by providing only business stories. Dozilla.com.ng is also 100% independent and is not swayed by the current popular jingo of online journalism of being everything to everyone. We care exclusively for the nations bourgeoning business community.


As thorough-bred professional journalists with over two decades of journalism practice based on integrity and competence on the job, we shall surely not disappoint the expectations and trust in us and this medium.

This platform will therefore serve as an authentic medium for breaking credible, incisive and well-researched well written business stories.